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Hi I’m Wendy – A Health and Wellness Coach dedicated to helping you make empowering shifts in your overall health through mindfulness, self-compassion and a step-by-step approach to creating personal goals that align with your unique wellness vision. When I’m not working, you’ll find me taking walks in nature with my dog Chloe, daydreaming about my next writing project and spending time with the people I love most!



At age 50, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although cancer is absolutely terrifying, the silver-lining is an opportunity to get real about what’s not working in your life and how very precious every day is! This major life changing event forced me to re-examine every area of my life. It was the beginning of my journey toward greater wellness.


As I began to process everything, I realized I felt completely out of balance feeling depleted and disconnected from my feelings. I was living in constant stress, had abandoned my yoga practice and self-care routine and I was involved in an unhealthy relationship that left me constantly doubting myself.

It would be a long road, of many small changes, that helped get me back on track and into greater alignment with who I wanted to be.

Divorced, yep! Single mom, yep! Breast Cancer Survivor, yep! It’s hard to believe I was recovering from cancer treatment and going through a divorce at the same time! Crazy, right?


But I did not just survive, I started to thrive! These challenges became opportunities to see myself as strong, empowered and resilient!


I researched and practiced all of the tools that I now teach in my wellness coaching practice. I had to learn to be gentle with myself through mindful self-compassion as I navigated my way to feeling more whole, free and aligned with the person that was inside of me all along.


Mindfulness is the cornerstone of what has helped me in my own healing journey. Staying with feelings that were often uncomfortable as guideposts to point me in the right direction. Not shoving them away (like I wanted to) but feeling them and letting those feelings be my teacher. It’s been a messy, non-linear approach and it worked!

Fun fact! I was voted “the messiest camper” by my Blue Bird leader when I was a little girl! But despite my messy hair, and sometimes messy mind, I’ve found a path toward balance and more vibrant wellness in this journey. And that led me to help others find the same balance and become a Wellness Coach!


"To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single

act of daring greatly." 

              Brené Brown


If you have also gone through an unexpected life changing event or feel like you are out of balance or unaligned with the person you want to be, my Wellness Coaching can help!

The path is gentle with big portions of self-compassion and self-love. We will add in some basic mindfulness tools along with your personal wellness vision and goals. This will be your roadmap toward balance

and inner alignment. These tools can help in a variety of ways to feeling healthy and more joyful!


Some tools we will use together:  


  • Mindful Self-Compassion techniques

  • Week-by-week goal setting that reflects your most important values

  • Baby steps toward healthy eating

  • Adding more fun activities back into your life. We all need more belly laughs!

  • Discovering movement/exercise that feels good to your body

  • Developing self-trust and listening to your intuition

  • Loving the imperfect “messy” self



Investing in yourself with these tools will empower you to reawaken that healthy person still inside of you OR reinvent a whole new version of who you want to be! This has been my journey and I look forward to traveling with you and guiding you along the way.


Contact me for a free consultation and a chance to get to know one another. We'll create a package best suited for your personal needs.


It’s okay … change is messy!


Wendy Tate

AKA: “Messycamper”

Certified Health and Wellness Coach/Educator

Ph: 714 614-5708

Email: wendytatewellness@gmail.com

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