Success Stories


"Wendy has a special gift for bringing out the best in her clients. She helped me to let go of perfectionistic tendencies while embracing the concept of self-compassion. She found that delicate balance between giving me space to find my direction while offering accountability and grace to help me move forward. I just can't recommend her enough!" - Nikki

“Working with Wendy as my Health and Wellness Coach has been a surprising, welcoming and inspiring experience for me. The process of creating my wellness vision has been such an unexpected and exciting personal journey. Wendy’s intuitive and supportive nature has helped explore some of my underlying qualities and unveil my inner and outer challenges. She is not only walking me through the coaching process step by step, but her natural abilities and understanding has given me a sense and place of great mutual trust, respect on both a personal and professional level for my life’s journey!” - Maria

"Wendy is passionate, patient and a great listener. Through her coaching, I was able to overcome some mental blocks that were holding me back. Her coaching process opened pathways to successfully set goals that were aligned with my lifestyle. I focused on eating better and incorporating exercise into my daily routine. Her coaching helped me to see the many things that were working in my life to increase my sense of being thankful for all of those things that were already in balance. - Greg

"When I worked with Wendy, I quickly felt like she was truly listening to me and actually cared to help me. She is very kind and encouraging in her coaching. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help making changes to improve their health! - Karina